Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN was developed by top cybersecurity specialists and IT engineers in 2020, and they have successfully created a service that makes the internet accessible and secure for everyone; and currently has more than 6 million users worldwide.


We were brought in by Atlas VPN as key media consultants on their YouTube marketing campaign, based on our expert knowledge of the technology industry. From discussions with the client we outlined the key objectives and deliverables for the campaign. Firstly, Atlas VPN wanted to target a predominantly male 18+ English-speaking market. Other key objectives they had for the campaign were to derive a positive ROI, provide a consistent source of user acquisition and track the overall success of the campaign.


To accomplish the outlined objectives we began by utilising a data-driven approach through providing the client with key insights, utilising past campaigns we had run, in order to narrow the scope and advise the client on the key content verticals that we knew would generate the greatest ROI and installs. Then adopting a methodical approach, we created a tailored sheet for the client consisting of key data insights and deliverables, centred around the key objectives and target audience established.

From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated a scalable ROI and successfully drove installs and became an effective source for high-value user acquisition.

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