Doom x id Software

Doom is an award winning first-person shooter game developed by id software in 2020. So, if you’re looking for the best single-player shooter game where you slay demons across different dimensions in order to save humanity - then Doom is for you!


The mobile gaming industry and male 18+ audiences is something we have exceptional knowledge about. Hence as a leading influencer marketing agency, with an unparalleled understanding of how to drive successful results, we were brought in to manage the YouTube marketing campaign for Doom. The focus of which centred on utilising our internal databases and established relationships with talent to build a strong campaign that would successfully drive installs and generate a scalable ROI, across both the UK and European markets.


To begin building our strategy for the YouTube marketing campaign, we had some preliminary talks with the client about key deliverables and demographics, and outlined the target audience as males aged 18+ across both the UK and European markets. With this in mind, we then methodically created a tailored sheet for the client consisting of key data insights, content verticals and deliverables, centred on around the outlined demographic. In doing so, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that produced a scalable ROI, while becoming an effective source of user acquisition.

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