Bloodline - Goat Games

Over the past year we have been working with Goat Games on the launch of their mobile gaming Bloodlines, Heroes of Lithas. Goat Games are a leading Chinese mobile gaming company with several huge titles. Within the past year we have built a monthly global performance-based influencer campaign across dozens of high-performing content verticals across podcast platforms (and YouTube).


We have worked with Goat Games on the launch of their mobile game Bloodlines over the past year managing marketing campaigns across both YouTube and Podcast platforms.

To begin to build our strategy for their podcast marketing campaign, we asked the client to fill out an introductory briefing form, prior to our meeting. Then pairing the outputs of both, the fundamental aims and objectives for the podcast campaign were set out. For instance, the target audience for the campaign is males aged 25+ who are hardcore to midcore gamers.

Further objectives were to drive high ROI installs, while optimising and bringing new content verticals and sources of user acquisition, with a goal of building a scalable spend to $500k+ per month.


In order to fulfil the deliverables, we began to utilise a data-driven approach through providing the client with key insights, utilising past campaigns we had run, in order to narrow the scope and advise the client on the key content verticals and deliverables that we knew would generate the greatest ROI and install’s. We then methodically created a tailored sheet for the client consisting of key data insights and deliverables, centred around the key objectives and target audience established.

From this, we produced a fully tracked podcast campaign that generated a scalable ROI and successfully drove installs and became an effective source for high-value user acquisition.

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