Call of War - Bytro Labs

Call of War, developed by Bytro Labs, is a free to play mobile gaming app that allows users to take on the role of a world leader as global conflict becomes inevitable.


As leaders in gaming marketing, with a specialised knowledge of male 18+ audiences, we were brought in as key media partners to manage the YouTube marketing campaign for Call of War by Bytro.

The key objectives of this campaign was to engage audiences in order to ascertain installs, a scalable ROI and a new source of user acquisition. Further objectives were to identify the content verticals that enable the greatest performance outcomes, within our outline demographic of males aged 18+ within the English-speaking market.


Working in conjunction with the client, we began by utilising our internal databases and showcasing previous similar influencer marketing campaigns we had run within the YouTube domain, using a data-driven approach to advise the client on what we knew would be the best strategy for user acquisition and retention.

After we had a clear data-informed strategy, we then formulated a spreadsheet for the client, consisting of talent within the male 18+ demographic across the English-speaking market. From here, we focused our attention towards methodically analysing the content verticals of talent within this demographic. The output of this analysis showcased that verticals such as entertainment and history not only complimented the theme of the game but would also derive the greatest results.

In doing this analysis, we were able to produce a fully tracked YouTube campaign that produced a positive ROI, successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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