Clawee - Gigantic

In 2021 we partnered with the international mobile gaming application Clawee, developed by Gigantic Ltd. Clawee allows users to play traditional arcade games virtually and get the prizes delivered to your door.


As an influencer marketing agency with an elite knowledge of the mobile gaming industry, we were brought in to manage the YouTube marketing campaign within the US market for Clawee. The focus of which was on utilising our internal databases and established relationships with talent to build a strong campaign that would successfully drive installs and generate a scalable ROI.

Contingent to discussions with the client and our experience within the mobile gaming market, we established the target audience as females aged 25+.


Once the preliminary foundations of our strategy were formed, we began to utilise a data-driven approach to collate key data variables and deliverables to build a sheet for the client that contained talent, key content verticals and deliverables that we knew would generate the greatest ROI and install’s.

For this reason, we successfully built a YouTube marketing strategy that obtained a strong ROI and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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