Darkfire Heroes - Rovio

Since its founding Rovio has been a leader in the mobile gaming industry. Most known for their Angry Bird titles, Rovio expanded into new gaming verticals with the release of the mobile RPG Darkfire Heroes, where players assemble teams in this strategy mobile RPG to fight against different evils and monsters.


As leaders in performance based influencer marketing, we were brought in as key influencer user acquisition partners to devise a YouTube marketing campaign strategy that utilised the benefits of both influencer marketing and YouTube marketing. The target audience for this campaign was males aged 18+ within the US market.

Following this, the main objectives for this campaign centred on ascertaining a strong ROI from high-value user acquisition.


With a strong understanding of the target demographic and core objectives of the campaign, we centred our attention towards sourcing high-value talent from content verticals we knew would be successful based upon our internal data system and experience running similar campaigns for mobile RPG’s in the past.

The outcome was a successfully constructed performance focused YouTube marketing campaign that delivered a scalable ROI and became an effective consistent source for user acquisition.

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