Emma Mattresses

Emma Mattresses is renowned for their award-winning and ergonomically designed mattresses, that offer the highest level of comfort. At present, we have partnered with Emma Mattresses to manage their YouTube marketing campaign to spread awareness and generate purchases, helping them to become the dominant mattress company on YouTube.


We have collaborated with Emma Mattresses over the past year, helping them expand into new markets globally. As an already well-known company across the UK, we were excited to see where this could go.

To begin to shape a strategy for Emma Mattresses, we liaised with the client to understand their goals for the campaign, as well as their businesses moving forward. From these talks we learned they wanted to target predominantly female audiences aged 30+ across tier 1 English-speaking markets and European markets. Their more specific objectives centred around driving sales from high value users and scaling sponsorships, in order to achieve a strong ROI.


With these goals set, we focused on how we could achieve and surpass them. So we turned to our internal and external data sources to analytically construct a tailored sheet consisting of key content verticals and deliverables that exemplified how we were going to achieve the targets. From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated a scalable ROI and successfully drove purchases.

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