Fastic is an intermittent fasting app that helps people with nutrition and losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.


As experts within the influencer marketing industry, we were brought in to fully plan and manage Fastic’s first influencer marketing campaign. They wanted to test a variety of audiences and verticals across their highest performing age-range, looking for great results that would allow them to scale up future campaigns. This campaign had two main objectives; first, to promote their app in the US & UK, second, to drive sales of their new Fasting Box in the German market.


Using our tried and tested high performers, we built a proposal to target the 35+ age demographic for Fastic within their YouTube Marketing strategy. These top performers create content across a range of verticals that the client was happy to trial, as we know they produce a high ROI.

We also contacted German channels and built collaborations for unboxing videos which give a high-quality insight into the product and drive purchases in the target market. As a result, we were able to produce a fully tracked, successful campaign, in which both the US/UK based and DE based channels produced valuable results which will allow us to use our data-driven approach to scale up further campaigns.

As a result, the campaign generated a solid ROI by increasing instals and brand awareness, leaving the client “very pleased with the workflow at MediaBodies’”.

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