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Football Rivals is a free to play online game that allows you to team up with your friends and build your ultimate football team!


Focusing on a male aged 18 to 34 demographic within the UK market, we were brought in as a leading influencer marketing agency to design a YouTube and TikTok marketing campaign that acquired users and produced a positive ROI.


After liaising with the client to understand the key deliverables for the campaign, we turned to our analytical skills to build upon this foundational understanding.

After methodically analysing our internal and external data sources we build a spreadsheet representing all key data points such as content verticals, audience age split and audience geographic split, to name a few. In doing so, we were able to consult the client and evidence our strategy, enabling us to pick the most suitable talent for the campaign. From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated awareness and became an effective source for audience engagement.

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