Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is the UK’s leading recipe box where consumers can get healthy and fresh meals delivered to their door on a variety of subscription plans. We worked with Hello Fresh in 2021, managed their YouTube marketing campaign to spread awareness and generate user acquisition, to help them become the dominant recipe delivery company on YouTube.


Hello Fresh is already a widely well-known and subscribed brand across the UK, so we were excited to partner with them on a YouTube marketing campaign, to help them elevate their marketing strategy to the US market, through applying our expert knowledge and experience garnered from being a leading influencer marketing agency.

Based upon discussions with Hello Fresh, as well as the introductory brief form they filled out, we were able to set our key goals for the campaign. The first of which was that the YouTube marketing campaign was to target females aged 18+ within the US market. Furthermore, Hello Fresh wanted to drive installs from high-value users in order to achieve a strong ROI. Following this, they wanted to optimise and scale sponsorships across multiple videos to gain greater user acquisition and retention.


With clear objectives laid out, we began to utilise a data-driven approach to methodically construct a tailored sheet for the client containing key content verticals and other data points. We then used this to evidence our strategy to the client. From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated a scalable ROI and successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for high-value user acquisition.

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