Hunting Clash - Ten Square Games

Hunting Clash is a 3D shooting game developed by Ten Square Games and is the ultimate game for users who crave competition and want to test their hunting skills.


As a leading influencer marketing agency with an expert knowledge of male audiences and mobile gaming, we were brought in as key media consultants to construct a YouTube marketing campaign for Hunting Clash. The focus of which was to drive installs and acquire users from males aged 18+ within the English-speaking market.


To accomplish the outlined objectives established with the client, we turned our attention towards methodically going through our internal and external data sources to build a spreadsheet for the client that showcased key data points, in order to provide them a clear view of our strategy. Then we cross-referenced the output of our analysis to determine the content verticals that we knew would generate the greatest ROI. For instance, our analysis showcased that fishing, hunting and car entertainment content verticals would produce the greatest performance output.

From utilising our internal data sources and the relationships we have cultivated with top YouTube influencer; we were able to produce a fully tracked YouTube campaign that successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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