iGP Manager - iGP Games Limited

iGP Manager is a motorsport management game that was originally launched as a free desktop game and recently it made the jump into the mobile gaming industry.


As experts in gaming marketing and having worked across multiple sport focused mobile gaming titles, we were brought in as key strategic partners to manage the YouTube marketing campaign. We began by having the client share insights about their audience and their objective. Like the majority of our work, the objectives focused on trackable, performance based influencer marketing with ROI the key metric.

Once we established the target audience we began working on building an optimised performance focused influencer marketing campaign.


Utilising our internal database, experience and creative insights we formulated a strategy for the YouTube Marketing campaign. We began by working with the top performers from previous similar influencer marketing campaigns we had run within across YouTube for mobile games. Using a data-driven approach to ensure we got the best performance and ROI for our client.

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