Lords Mobile - IGG

We were brought in as a performance influencer marketing partner to manage the launch of the Lords Mobile, mobile game. Lords’ mobile is a free to play mobile gaming app where you can recruit heroes and build your own army in a magical world.


As a leading influencer marketing agency, we were given the task to manage the YouTube and Twitch marketing campaign for Lords Mobile, focusing on utilising our internal performance databases and established relationships with talent to build a strong campaign that would successfully drive installs and generate a scalable ROI.


We introduced a competition element across the campaign to help conversion, this paired with our internal performance data from other mobile gaming clients helped us deliver a scalable high ROI campaign for the globally recognised game.

Utilising this data, we produced a campaign sheet of talent we felt assured would generate a strong ROI for the client to sort through.In doing so, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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