Lost Island - Plarium

Lost Island is a must-have mobile gaming app that allows users to solve puzzles and participate in fun challenges, in a bid to build their dream paradise. The game is designed with casual gamers in mind, so is perfect for busy individuals on the go.


As experts in gaming marketing, we were brought in as influencer marketing partners across Instagram and YouTube to manage the campaign. We began by having in-depth discussions with the client about their needs and wants for the campaign. The primary objective for the campaign were to generate installs, and bring new sources of performance focus ROI influencer marketing.

Furthermore, the client outlined the target audience they wanted to target was females aged 27+ within the English-speaking tier 1 markets. Then following further talks with the client, we were able to outline other key elements within our strategy such as the call to action, visual aids and digital assets.


Based on our internal and external performance data sources, as well as prior experience, we formulated a data-driven strategy which we compiled into a spreadsheet for the client. The insights presented consisted of key demographic details and content verticals such as entertainment and family content. In doing so, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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