Lucozade, positioned as a sports energy drink brand, is a popular drink of choice among UK consumers.


With expert knowledge and experience working with male audiences and sport based brands, we were brought in as key media partners to help Lucozade drive awareness across UK sports brands. To achieve this, our objective was to sponsor some of the UK’s leading YouTube football teams to produce sports content with strategic product placements and calls to action.


With the introductory foundations of our strategy set, we began to utilise a data-driven approach in order to narrow the scope and advise the client on key content verticals and deliverables that we knew would generate the greatest performance outputs. We also utilised our pre-established relationships with talent, to help the client secure the most creative and fitting talent for the campaign. With this understanding, we analytically created a tailored spreadsheet for the client consisting of key data points that centred on the target objectives and demographics previously set. In doing so, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated awareness and became an effective source for audience engagement.

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