Match Attax x Topps

Match Attax is an interactive mobile game and the official application for the Topps Premier League Match Attax collection. This is the perfect game for football fanatics as you can collect, swap and play all your favourite football trading cards.


As an industry leader influencer marketing agency, we were brought in to manage the YouTube marketing campaign within the UK market for Match Attax, focusing on utilising our internal databases and established relationships with talent to build a strong campaign that would successfully drive installs, while simultaneously generating a scalable ROI.


To accomplish the outlined objectives, we acquired a data-driven approach to refine the demographic and content verticals for the campaign. In doing so, we found a target demographic of males aged 18+ and content verticals such as football, entertainment and sports would be the most profitable and scalable for Match Attax.

Subsequently, we successfully produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that achieved a strong ROI and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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