My Protein

We partnered with My Protein in 2019 to promote some of their latest products.


We were excited to work alongside MyProtien in promoting some of their latest products. As a specialist influencer marketing agency with an expert knowledge of the beauty and wellness industry, we were brought in as key media partners to manage and apply our expert knowledge to the YouTube marketing campaign. The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness through four dedicated videos, in a bid to better understand their demographics and what content verticals work best - while generating purchases.


In order to achieve the specified objectives, we worked with the client to strategise the preliminary foundations of the campaign. From here, we utilised our internal and external data sources to methodically compile a sheet for MyProtien to review. In doing so, we were able to secure talent who complimented the needs and wants for the campaign. Enabling us to provide the client with a detailed marketing strategy that we knew would generate the greatest ROI, while successfully generating purchases.

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