Nike - Nike Play Lab

Nike has many great initiatives to encourage people to get active and fit, Nike Play Lab was targeted specially to help motivate kids to get fit. An online portal was created and a series of challenges created, with Nike also asking participants to upload their own challenge content!


As an influencer marketing agency that has a global network of influencers, we were brought onboard to get the biggest kid channels on YouTube involved in Nike Play Labs and to have them create amazing, engaging content for Nike Play Labs.

The specific objective for us was to drive as much traffic to utilising our creative insight to deliver something special!


Using our influencer database and search tool, as well as our existing global influencer network we quickly began negotiations with some of the world’s biggest YouTube influencers.

We worked closely with the YouTube influencers on the creative execution of the video to ensure not only did the video get better than normal performance in terms of views on their YouTube channel but also that the content itself was fun, engaging, and encourage others to participate in getting fit.

The final result was great videos from leading young persons YouTube channels and a very happy client!

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