Pixel Starships - SavySoda

Towards the end of last year, we were called in by SavySoda to guide them in launching their first influencer campaign on YouTube for their game Pixel Starships.

Set in an 8-bit massive universe, Pixel Starships is a strategy sci-fi mmorpg game where you have full control of a starship from construction to battle in a single persistent world.


Thanks to our expertise in the influencer marketing industry, SavySoda relied on us for their first YouTube campaign. After an initial meeting call to better understand the client’s goals and deliverables, we had to develop a marketing strategy that was targeting an English-speaking male audience over 18 years old. The main objective was to select talents based on verticals we knew would fit and perform well with the game thanks to our experience with previous campaigns. In order to enhance return on investment, our primary KPIs were to drive instals and raise brand awareness.


After laying out the fundamentals of our strategy, we developed a worksheet with the most suitable talents’ selection based on our data-sources, conversion insights and on previous campaigns' performance. This together with examples of the talents’ previous integrations, allowed us to give the client a clear understanding of the plan and of the results they were going to achieve through our influencer marketing campaign.

As a result, the campaign generated a solid ROI by increasing instals and brand awareness, leaving the client “very pleased with the workflow at MediaBodies’”.

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