Playstation x Sony

Across 2016 and 2017, Sony launched an official Giphy Playstation account, allowing fans to express themselves in an on-brand fashion. The Playstation Giphy hub gave fans access to GIFs of their favourite gaming highs and lows including but not exclusive to FIFA red cards, Sad Sack Boy and Destiny dances.


To begin to shape a YouTube marketing strategy for Sony and their new Playstation Giphy hub, we began by carrying out talks to understand their goals for the campaign, as well as the business moving forward. From these talks we learned who their target demographic was, across which markets and their overall campaign goals of generating awareness and user acquisition for the new hub feature.


With these goals set, we focused on how we could achieve and surpass them. So we turned to our internal and external data sources to analytically construct a tailored sheet consisting of key content verticals and deliverables that exemplified how we were going to achieve the targets. From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated a scalable ROI and became an effective tool for user acquisition.

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