Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a big VPN company. We’ve previously worked on YouTube campaigns for similar VPN clients including Atlas and Surfshark so had experience with this type of product.


We had to drive installs and signups through the unique 30-day discount deals available in the influencers’ video descriptions.


Initially, based on our previous experience with other VPN clients and PIA’s own audience insights, we targeted tech-savvy males aged 25+ in US and European markets. This meant targeting verticals including tech, finance, photography and travel.

With AB testing and on our own recommendations, we identified new verticals and a new target audience that was completely opposite to our original testing: females aged 25+ who looked to use VPN’s for unlocking their favorite shows that only aired in other markets. In the next round of testing, we added what proved to be a hugely successful true crime vertical.

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