Re-decor - Reworks Ltd

Reworks Ltd published the interactive mobile gaming Re-decor as a way to allow users to express their creativity, while gaining inspiration from other people within the community.


As an influencer marketing agency we pride ourselves in our exceptional podcast marketing services and our knowledge of both gaming marketing and female audiences. Therefore, we were excited to partner with Reworks Ltd on their podcast marketing campaign for the launch of their mobile game Re-decor.

To understand the campaign intent for Re-decor, we asked the client to fill out an initial briefing form, so we could identify the key objectives for the campaign such as: demographic, market, call to action, content verticals and key deliverables.


To construct the podcast campaign, we began by analysing our internal and external data sources to determine the demographics and content verticals that would derive the best campaign output. Our analysis showcased that a female target audience aged 18+ within English-speaking markets and content verticals such as lifestyle and crime based channels, would derive the best performance results.

We then collated all this information into a spreadsheet for the client, in order to evidence our proposed strategy. In doing so, we produced a fully tracked podcast campaign that generated a positive ROI and successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.