Founded in 2018’s aim was to become the go-to mobile application for football fans around the world. allows users to access engaging and snackable content, while providing a high-class user experience.


As leaders within the influencer marketing industry, we were brought in as key media consults to help with the YouTube marketing campaign for the relaunch of’s website. The key aims of which consisted of driving installs and user retention for up to 30 days. Further to this, wanted to target males aged 18 to 35 across English-speaking markets, focusing on content verticals such as sports and football.


With clear objectives established, we adopted a data-driven approach to methodically construct a tailored sheet for the client containing key content verticals and other data points. We then used this to evidence our strategy to the client and in doing so we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that generated a scalable ROI and successfully drove install’s - becoming an effective source for high-value user acquisition and retention.

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