Sherlock - G5 Entertainment

Sherlock is a free to play match-3 puzzle game developed by G5 Entertainment, where players can test their problem-solving skills through finding hidden objects and restoring the original plots of well-known books. So, unlock your detective skills in this exciting new game by G5 Entertainment!


From the outset the client expressed that they wanted talent to be authentic and genuine about the game, as this always engages audiences more. Further to this, G5 Entertainment wanted to target females aged 25+ within tier 1 English-speaking markets.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, we were brought in as key media consults to build upon the foundation outlined above. Therefore, we were brought in as key media consults to plan a YouTube marketing campaign for G5 that drove installs and generated a positive ROI.


To achieve the outlined deliverables, we began by methodically filtering through our internal and external databases in order to build a spreadsheet for the client that consisted of suitable talent and key data points. In doing this, we were able to evidence why we put forward each talent.

During the flight time of the campaign, we achieved a scalable ROI, while driving installs and generating a consistent source of user acquisition.

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