Small Town Murder’s - Rovio

Since its founding in 2003 Rovio has been the market leader for its player-focused mobile gaming applications. Known for their Angry Bird’s franchise, Rovio has many great games in its gaming portfolio, one of which is the fantastic match-3 puzzle game Small Town Murders.


As an influencer marketing agency that specialises in YouTube marketing, we were brought in as key media partners to manage the YouTube influencer marketing campaign for Small Town Murders. The target audience for Rovio’s match-3 puzzle game was females aged 25+ within the US market.

The specific objectives for the YouTube marketing campaign were to drive installs from high-value users, through optimising and scaling the performance based influencer marketing in order to achieve a strong ROI.


Once the preliminary foundations of our strategy were formed, we utilised our performance database and used a data-driven approach to provide the client with key insights that we garnered from dozens of other campaigns we had run for other mobile games that shared their audience and gameplay. From this, we were able to advise the client on the key content verticals that we knew would generate the greatest ROI and installs.

Moreover, we then methodically created a tailored worksheet for the client, consisting of key data points and deliverables, centred around the objectives and target audience established.

Then during the flight time of the campaign, we were able to produce a fully tracked YouTube campaign that generated a strong ROI and scalable opportunities. As well as this, the campaign successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for influencer user acquisition.

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