Sniper Arena

Sniper Arena developed by Nordcurrent is a shooter game where players can compete together and form alliances worldwide in a bid to climb the leaderboard.


Male 25+ mobile gamers is something we know well! Nordcurrent brought us in as influencer marketing experts within gaming. Our data led approach meant that we could start from a position of knowledge rather than having to test different influencer marketing strategies to determine what is the best source of user acquisition. The target audience for the campaign was males aged 18+ within the English-speaking market, a perfect fit for YouTube!


We liaised with the client to narrow the focus of the campaign, allowing us to cross-reference their audience data against our influencer performance database. After this we put together a campaign sheet made up of high ROI performing YouTube influencers. The insights and performance data comes from the 100’s of campaigns and the 1000’s of YouTubers we’ve worked with across mobile games. From adopting this data driven approach we were able to evidence to the client the content verticals (i.e., history and war gaming) that we knew would generate the greatest installs and ROI.

In doing so, we were able to produce a fully tracked YouTube campaign that ascertained a strong ROI and high-value user retention.

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