Soccer Manager Arena - Soccer Manager Ltd

Soccer Manager Arena is a free to play mobile game where football enthusiasts can collect up to 106 different player cards to strengthen their deck for when they go head-to-head in real time football games in the arena. So if you’re a lover of football strategy, then this ones for you!


With a substantial amount of our client portfolio centred on mobile gaming, we were brought in as key media consultants by Soccer Manager Ltd in 2017, to devise a YouTube marketing strategy for the launch of their game Soccer Manager Arena.

Ensuing discussions with the client about their campaign expectations, we outlined the following key objectives. Firstly, the target demographic for Soccer Manager Arena was males aged 18+ within the tier-1 UK market. Following this, the client wanted to drive installs and a consistent source of user acquisition from talent who could be authentic about the game, so that users would be able to appreciate the integrity and versatility of the game.


To achieve the desired deliverables, we put together an effective strategy that would ensure guaranteed results. To do this, we utilised a data-driven approach through providing the client with key insights using both our internal and external data sources. From this we were able to narrow the campaign scope and advise the client on the key content verticals and deliverables that we knew would generate the greatest ROI and a consistent source for user acquisition.

After forming these conclusions, we then methodically created a tailored sheet for the client consisting of key data insights and deliverables, centred around the key objectives and target audience established. From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that produced a scalable ROI, successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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