Storybeat is a content creation app where you can use templates to make beautiful stories with custom AI avatars to share across social platforms.


With extensive experience working on Instagram and TikTok, we were brought in to develop a test campaign for Storybeat’s influencer marketing strategy. As their audience ranges from 18-45, they wanted to test Instagram and TikTok platforms with small creators. This was to promote Storybeat and highlight their AI Avatar creation, which is a popular feature on the app.


Firstly, we utilised Instagram and TikTok accounts that had performed well in other campaigns to build proposals that presented a good mix of verticals, demographics and GEOs for the client.

We then methodically examined which content verticals would perform best for Storybeat, based on similar campaigns we’ve worked on and our specialist data that shows high performing verticals in certain age ranges.

Based on our existing relationships with influencers across platforms, we were able to launch a successful Instagram and TikTok campaign that allowed Storybeat to track performance and generate valuable insights.