W Hotels


W Hotels

Founded in 1998 W Hotels is a high-class American hotel chain owned by Marriott International. W Hotels distinguishes itself from its competitors as it is marketed towards a younger demographic and built with them in mind.


We were excited to work alongside W Hotels in promoting their latest chains and services. The aim of this YouTube marketing campaign, was to utilise our skills as a leading influencer marketing agency, to generate awareness and interest from the younger demographic in W Hotels. In order to achieve this, the objective was to raise awareness using dedicated videos, to drive interest and future service purchases.


In order to achieve the specified objectives we worked with the client to strategise the preliminary foundations of the campaign. From here, we utilised our internal and external data sources to methodically compile a sheet for W Hotels to review. In doing so, we were able to secure talent who complimented the needs and wants for the campaign, enabling us to provide the W Hotels with a detailed marketing plan that we knew would generate the greatest ROI.