War Robots - Pixonic

War Robots is a long standing global success story in the world of mobile games.


War Robots key objective was to have a consistent source of scaled user acquisition from YouTube. As industry leaders in influencer marketing, we were brought in as specialist media partners to devise a YouTube marketing campaign strategy that utilised the benefits of both influencer marketing and YouTube marketing. The target audience for the campaign was males aged 18+ within the United States.

Following this, the main objectives for this campaign centred on ascertaining a strong ROI from high-value user acquisition.


As we had performance insights of the target audience and desired objectives of the campaign, we centred our attention towards methodically sourcing high-value talent from content verticals we knew would be successful based upon our internal data system and experience running similar campaigns in the past.

In doing so, we successfully constructed a YouTube marketing campaign that ascertained a scalable ROI and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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