Word Farm Adventures - Brain Games Ltd

Word Farm Adventures developed by Brain Games Ltd, is more than your typical mobile puzzle game. In this new take on a puzzle game, you can solve crosswords and play scrabble while protecting the farm from the evil forces that want to destroy it.


To find out what the clients desired outcomes for the campaign were, we firstly got them to fill out a briefing form, which we followed up with a more in-depth call. From which we determined the simple objectives of the YouTube marketing campaign was to drive installs and generate a scalable ROI - which are the same objective we meet across all of our campaigns. Following this, we also determined the target demographic to be females aged 18+ within the English-speaking market.


Utilising our talent in-house influencer marketing team and internal databases, we began to formulate a strategy for the YouTube marketing campaign, that would enable the client to meet their end goals. We began by showcasing previous similar influencer marketing campaigns we had run within the YouTube domain, using a data-driven approach to advise the client on what we believed would drive the highest conversion rate and ROI.

With a clear demographic established, we began to move onto another fundamental aspect to the campaign, which consisted of methodically analysing different content verticals within this demographic. From our specialist analysis, we concluded that the most profitable content verticals to focus on related to vlogs, family and DIY, as these verticals complimented the theme of the game.

In following this strategy, we produced a fully tracked YouTube campaign that successfully drove installs, generated a scalable ROI and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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