How do we use data?

We understand that a data-led approach is the key to successful Influencer Marketing. 

But unlike standard industry practices, we go beyond just audience and influencer profile data.

The Media Bodies methodology applies data-analytics in multiple tiers across the planning, management, and reporting phases of influencer marketing campaigns to drive real impact.

From optimising your budget allocation and creative briefs to identifying specific areas and strategies with which to scale; data informs our every recommendation, so you can see tangible, measurable, and scalable results.

Pre CampaignCreative & LiveAnalysis & Scaling


We know a successful influencer marketing strategy is one that is tailored to a specific brand, product, audience, and objective.

Our Pre-campaign optimisation process involves analysis of data across multiple touch points –  from target demography and product details like LTV, to specific campaign objectives and KPIs.

This helps us establish optimal:

Campaign Performance can be impacted by so many factors. We account for them ALL, so you can establish a unique strategy that works for your brand and objectives in the short and long term.

Creative and Live Optimisation

We analyse every creative touchpoint- from integration placement and length to messaging, visuals, and tonal assets to understand performance impact of varying creatives.    Cross referencing historic performance data, industry trends & standards, and competitor data, we help ensure each creative brief, influencer draft, and final video is primed for success.   Our expert account managers ensure live campaigns are set up to accurately track and collect measurement data for post-campaign data analysis. We also specialise in live-monitoring performance on platforms like Podcasts so we can optimise spend and outcomes in real-time.

Post Campaign & Scaling

From setting tracking periods and building attribution models, to analysing performance and creative touchpoints; our post-campaign analysis reports help you precisely understand:
Building an influencer marketing strategy that will last is an iterative process- one that depends on refining strategy based on performance data. Our team is trained by the best in the business to leverage and apply deep data insights end-to-end, across every campaign stage, to help you achieve ultimate Influencer Marketing Success.

Measure, Analyse, Scale