What better combination than a mystery-based mobile game and a True Crime influencer? We worked on a creative campaign that combined the two, with YouTuber Danielle Kirsty and the enchanting mystery-solving game, June’s Journey.

Wooga created 2 custom in-game decorations for Danielle:

  • Detective Danielle
  • Daisy’s Discovery (based on Danielle’s actual dog!)

Detective Danielle was made available to purchase in-app for any player. We also added a fun twist that the first 100 viewers of her video who correctly answered quiz questions about Danielle and June’s Journey would win Detective Danielle for free!

The second item was available for free to anyone who watched the video and downloaded the game from the tracking link.

In the week that the custom items were available to claim and purchase in-app, the custom item generated 75% more revenues than regular items and the project as a whole generated an astoundingly positive ROI thanks to another excellent partnership.

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