Air Up


Air Up

Air Up is a one-of-a-kind drinking system that transports carefully-crafted "flavours" through the mouth to the olfactory receptors, where the brain perceives the smell as taste. Each component of the Air Up bottle is made from the highest-quality materials.


Due to our data-driven approach, connections with influencers and extensive experience in Youtube campaigns, Air Up reached out Mediabodies to help them designing their first Youtube marketing campaign strategy.

The main objective of the Air Up campaign was to increase the sales and brand awareness, generating a scalable ROI. In order to achieve the goal, we provided talents with mixed audiences (Female and Male) located in the US, between 25-32 years old.


In order to obtain significant results, we designed a strategy based on our knowledge from previous campaigns. We decided to work along with medium size influencers, focusing on verticals such as Lifestyle, Crafts and Entertainment.

Our knowledge was based on our internal data system and our experience, as well as from previous data we produced from related campaigns.

This led to the successful development of our fully tracked YouTube campaign, which produced excellent ROI results, increased brand awareness and effective increase in sales.