Client: AirUp

Air Up, the newest trend in drinking bottles, revolutionizes the way we experience taste by ingeniously transporting flavors directly to our olfactory receptors. Crafted with meticulous care, each Air Up bottle embodies unrivaled quality, promising an unprecedented sensory journey.

Platform: TikTok

Demographic: F, M 25+

Geo: US

NO Of Influencers: 6

CPM target: $10


  • Tap into new creators and content verticals
  • Drive brand awareness and product purchases
  • Generate a scalable ROI

The appeal of Air Up's groundbreaking innovation and our experience with data-driven influencer marketing strategies converged, resulting in a solid partnership and allowing Media Bodies to investigate new content verticals and channels for Air Up to tap into. Fuelled by a commitment to success and fortified by our extensive influencer connections we devised a strategy that would resonate with audiences and amplify Air Up's brand presence.

Our strategy centralized around a target audience encompassing individuals aged 25+, situated in the US. The campaign's core objective - to bolster sales, heighten brand awareness, and cultivate a scalable ROI. Since Air Up has an existing, robust influencer strategy, the challenge was to find new pockets to tap into that can still generate ROI and focus on a US majority audience while exclusively looking for macro influencers.


Guided by past data, experience, and creativity, we researched for and designed a campaign strategy rooted in our past achievements. Reaching out to mid-sized/macro influencers, we focussed our efforts on Lifestyle, Comedy and Entertainment verticals with an estimated CPM of around $10. Our selection of channels matched Air Up's aspirations, yielding an audience primed for conversion and authentic content generation.

The bedrock of our approach was informed by our internal data system, steeped in experience, and fortified by the insights garnered from prior campaigns.


The culmination of this experience and work resulted in a TikTok campaign, keenly executed. The integrations delivered an average of 2.5 Million views and 450k likes after 7 days, showing areas of high performance and great engagement. Air Up's partnership with Media Bodies serves as a testament to the remarkable merging of innovation, strategy, and execution, channeling taste into a strategic asset.


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