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Game: Basketball Rivals
Client: Green Horse Games

Meet Basketball Rivals by Green Horse Games! Basketball Rivals is a powerful community-based game that allows players around the world to team up with other real players and compete in challenging matches against other real opponents.

Platform: YouTube & TikTok

Demographic: M, 25+

Geo: DE, PL

NO Of Influencers: 8


  • Strengthen brand awareness to leverage on future campaigns
  • Optimize and scale sponsorship across multiple videos

This collaboration with Green Horse Games aimed to cultivate awareness, stimulate installs, unlock new user acquisitions, and establish a scalable ROI for “Basketball Rivals”. The overarching goal was to create a resonating impact on a predominantly male audience aged 25 and above, with a stronghold in the European market.


Embracing the pulse of competition, our partnership with Green Horse Games ventured into the possibility of both YouTube and TikTok marketing campaigns for "Basketball Rivals". In our quest to achieve the KPIs across different platforms, we harnessed our internal data tailored to the unique dynamics of YouTube and TikTok. This strategy materialized as two comprehensive spreadsheets, meticulously tailored to each campaign with a selection of influencers that we know can generate results and help hit the KPIs. Through this, we showcased to Green Horse Games how our approach would synchronize with their goals.


The result of our tailored strategy was evident as the fully tracked TikTok and YouTube campaigns showed their impact. By carefully orchestrating the campaigns, we provided a basis for Green Horse Games to continue their campaign with us over a span of 7 months, onboarding enthusiastic basketball fans and growing the community. The resonance of our multi-platform strategy bore testimony to the power of performance marketing to forge connections, amplify engagement, and usher in a new wave of gaming enthusiasts to the world of "Basketball Rivals."



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