Dragon City - Social Point

Based in Barcelona, Social Point has been a video game developer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games and social network games since 2008. Among the many games it has published are well-known titles like Dragon City, Monster Legends, and World Life.

Over the past year, we have been working side by side with Social Point to develop their Dragon City influencer YouTube campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness.


Thanks to our data-driven approach and our wide portfolio of influencer connections on YouTube, Social Point called for our expertise to help them develop a YouTube marketing campaign strategy.

The main goal of Dragon City’s campaign was to increase instals and generate a scalable ROI. This translated into the objective of sourcing talents in English-speaking markets with a rather high engagement rate, high viewership (> 50k) and a balanced male/female audience who was older than 18 years old.


To achieve our and the client's goals and deliver an effective influencer campaign, we developed a strategy based on finding macro and mega-influencers from content verticals we knew would have been successful in driving instals. Our knowledge was based on our internal data system and our experience, as well as from previous data we produced from related campaigns.

This led to the successful development of our fully tracked YouTube campaign, which produced excellent ROI results, increased brand awareness and effective user acquisition.

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