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Game: Dragon City
Client: Socialpoint

Situated in Barcelona, Socialpoint has been a trailblazing force in the video game realm since 2008. With a remarkable portfolio of free-to-play mobile and social network games, including hits like Dragon City, Monster Legends, and World Life, Social Point has garnered widespread acclaim.


  • Increase installs and generate a scalable ROI
  • Target high-value users in new verticals
  • Optimize and scale sponsorship across multiple videos

In collaboration with this gaming powerhouse, we embarked on a journey to cultivate brand recognition and consumer engagement through an impactful YouTube influencer campaign.

Our partnership with Social Point was underpinned by our expertise in data-driven insights and a robust network of influencer connections within the YouTube ecosystem. Social Point brought us onboard to construct a comprehensive YouTube marketing campaign for their flagship game, Dragon City. The primary mission was to spur game installs and cultivate a scalable ROI.


We accepted the challenge, translating it into a strategy that involved enlisting English-speaking talents with elevated engagement rates, substantial viewership (exceeding 50,000), and a balanced audience encompassing both genders, all above the age of 18.

Drawing from our internal data repository, experience, and insights from past campaigns, we identified macro and mega-influencers within content verticals that historically demonstrated the potential to drive installations. This meticulous approach paved the way for a tracked YouTube campaign.

Additionally, Socialpoint came to us with a large-scale idea they wanted to explore which could boost their engagement and installs. By collaborating with one of our large, top performers, Socialpoint developed an in-game asset that was personalized to the influencer and we ran a campaign that encouraged viewers to download the game and play this limited-edition character.


The results - a target ROI, elevated brand visibility, and an efficient user acquisition strategy that resonated within the competitive gaming industry. By pushing outside the restrictions of traditional Influencer marketing, we boosted installs for the existing game and generated a new excitement within the YouTube community. Our collaborative endeavor with Socialpoint serves as a testament to the potency of influencer-powered campaigns in not only expanding brand horizons but also fostering substantial user engagement.

The initial success prompted Socialpoint to begin running consistent campaigns with us, and over the months, Media Bodies have directed over 20 unique integrations for Dragon City alone which have generated around 25 millions views.


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