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Game: June's Journey
Client: Wooga

"June’s Journey" is an immersive mystery experience set in the vibrant ambiance of the 1920s - a symphony of adventure and problem solving.

Platform: Youtube & Podcast

Demographic: F, 35+

Geo: US

NO Of Influencers: 190+


  • • Produce consistent scalable UA for June’s Journey
  • • Target high-value users and deliver strong ROI
  • • Optimize and scale sponsorship across multiple platforms

Fostering a successful partnership with Wooga on previous ventures, the prospect of collaborating over an Influencer Marketing campaign on multiple platforms for "June’s Journey" ignited a spark of excitement. Wooga sought to establish a consistent stream of user acquisitions for their game "June’s Journey". The main focus of the campaign was centered on performance metrics and tracked ROI, making Media Bodies the ideal partner.


Having worked on their YouTube campaigns since the start of 2022 , Wooga entrusted us to handle everything when embarking on the mission of weaving a dynamic marketing campaign strategy. This strategy would combine the power of performance influencer marketing with the strategic benefits of YouTube marketing and podcast marketing.

Using their target demographic: females aged 35 and above within the English-speaking and European markets, our youtube and podcast teams worked tirelessly to source the perfect channels and shows. However, the crux of the campaign remained centered on performance metrics and tracked ROI. Guided by insights from past collaborations and highly successful campaigns, we devised a campaign that leveraged our internal data system and capitalized on content verticals that previously showcased substantial ROI.


The result? An enchanting marketing campaign across YouTube and Podcast platforms that continues to scale month-on-month, not only achieving a robust ROI but also morphing into an effective pipeline for scalable user acquisition. Wooga continues to run YouTube and Podcast campaigns with us for June’s Journey and, to date, we’ve coordinated over 190 influencers and hundreds of podcast shows to publish unique content for the game.

Our alliance with Wooga crosses the intersection of strategy and creativity, underscored by a dedication to fostering engagement, expanding user acquisition, and nurturing the growth of a captivated collection of casual gamers.


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