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Game: Naraka Bladepoint
Client: NetEase

Platform: Youtube

Demographic: M, 25+

Geo: US

NO Of Influencers: 6

eCPM: $58


NetEase began the communication around this campaign by laying out the clear KPIs we should focus on right from the beginning. It was important to them that these be targeted using our data-fueled approach to campaigns so that they could scale future campaigns without the need for tests. Their target demographic being Males over the age of 25, Media Bodies had many alternate performance-led campaigns to refer to when encouraging an Influencer selection that had high engagement and audience loyalty.

  • Increase installs
  • Generate a scalable ROI
  • Generate new users on Discord group


In order to maximise installs and generate new Discord users, we knew we would have to be efficient and particular in the analysis we did of initial creators. Targeting loyal, high value users, we focussed on verticals that encapsulated fighting games that are similar to Naraka Bladepoint, such as Mortal Kombat, as well as Game Reviews and Tech Channels where a new pipeline of users could be sourced. By effectively managing communications and negotiating with influencers to create engaging content which closely adhered to NetEase’s brief, we launched the campaign targeting the US market and saw instant engagement from viewers, indicating we are on track to hit the original KPIs set by the client.


In progress.


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