Top Eleven - Nordeus

Top Eleven is an interactive mobile game developed by Nordeus where players can get an insight into what it is like to be a football manager.


Nordeus brought us in as key media consultants to manage their YouTube marketing campaign. In order to understand what Nordeus wanted from the Top Eleven campaign, we started by having in-depth discussions with Nordeus about their needs and wants for the campaign.

From these discussions we ascertained that the primary objective of the campaign were to generate installs, a positive ROI and a new source of user acquisition. Further objectives consisted of targeting a strong male 18+ demographic within the English-speaking and European market.


To accomplish the objectives set, we turned to our complex internal databases, to formulate a strategy for the YouTube Marketing campaign.

After we had a clear data-led strategy constructed, we then formulated a spreadsheet for the client, consisting of talent with a strong male audience base aged 18 +, across the English-speaking and European market. With this in mind, we turned our focus towards another key aspect of our strategy, the content verticals. To determine the content verticals that would provide the greatest results, we used our expert knowledge of gaming marketing to methodically analyse the content verticals within this demographic. The outcome of which showed we should focus on verticals such as entertainment and family content due to the theme of the game.

From this, we produced a fully tracked YouTube campaign that produced a positive ROI, successfully drove install’s and became an effective source for user acquisition.

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