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M, 18+


Game: Top Eleven
Client: Nordeus

Top Eleven is a football manager simulation which combines the beauty of the game with the intuitive strategy required to make it big in the world of football - engaging communities all over the world, the game has encountered great success in multiple markets.

Platform: Youtube

Demographic: M, 18+

Geo: Mixed


  • • Produce consistent scalable ROI for Top 11
  • • Target 18+ Males in multiple markets to generate an engaged user base
  • • Generate valuable insights into verticals and demographics that allow the campaign to run with new channels month-on-month.

Beginning almost 2 years ago, Media Bodies relationship with Nordeus working on Top Eleven has been a wonderful and insightful journey around the globe. Originally, Nordeus’ goal was to promote Top 11 to a variety of markets and generate scalable results within IM, but as time progressed, the challenge became generating a consistent, unique flow of channels and verticals in global markets that would still provide high ROI for the gaming giants.


During the tenure, Media Bodies have worked relentlessly sourcing creators for campaigns in:

  • UK
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • South Korea

Within these niche markets, we found that it was extremely beneficial to the campaign to work with high-performing channels multiple times to generate a consistent flow of new, highly engaged users. Along with this, there were pivotal opportunities to promote different aspects of the game which made multiple collaborations very prosperous - by capitalizing on any new launches of in game updates, the World Cup and aligning with other football - related seasons, tactically Media Bodies have been able to deliver a persistent presence for Top Eleven, globally on YouTube whilst still driving a continuously engaged community for the game.


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