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How do you make the most out of mega influencer collaborations?

Custom assets and products are a great way to use a mega influencer’s likeness to improve the performance of an influencer campaign and encourage results beyond brand awareness.


Social Point wanted to launch their latest mobile RPG with an influencer collaboration that would drive both, widespread brand awareness and tangible performance results in the form of installs.


Working with the client team, we determined that in order to drive these results at a worldwide scale would need a mega influencer collaboration with a high engagement and strong viewer retention. Further, considering the worldwide nature of the launch we would need an influencer with a global appeal and higher male audience. Considering all these factors, it appeared there was one clear mega-influencer who fit the requirements perfectly – MrBeast.

From our clients previous collaborations with MrBeast on other games with similar target audiences, we knew his audience profile was well suited for the game. But with mega-influencers, we know the best way to make the most out of the partnership and manage overall campaign CPM and ensure ROI is to provide additional incentive to users to download/purchase the the product.

Incorporating an influencer’s likeness into the product or service is an indication of a deeper investment in the partnership from both, the influencer and brand side, enhancing the influencer-brand fit and making the collaboration more authentic.

These demonstrations of a deeper investment in the partnership helps translate the audiences’ positive attitude towards the Influencer into a positive attitude towards the brand. Similar to the intentions that drive purchases of an influencer’s merchandise, when followers associate themselves with a product, service, event, cause, and so on that relates to the influencer’s personal brand, they demonstrate a loyalty to the influencer and feel a stronger sense of belonging within the community they have curated, as well as a stronger parasocial relationship with the creator.

This is where custom influencer integrations, along with the limited-time access, produce stronger investment and fear of missing out. This in turn stimulates higher purchase intent and improves the performance of your influencer marketing campaign, and the tactic we used with Social Point to make the most out of this exciting partnership with MrBeast from a brand awareness and performance perspective.
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