Finlay & Co


Finlay & Co

Finlay & Co is a designer eyewear brand based in London and handmade in Italy.


The objective of this campaign centred on raising awareness of new and upcoming products, while subsequently generating purchases through strategic influencer partnerships. Therefore, with our unparalleled experience and connections across both male and female audiences within the YouTube marketing domain, it was the perfect opportunity to expand our portfolio and help a remarkable brand expand their audience.


Working alongside the client we were able to build a strategy that encompasses all of their desired deliverables, which we showcased to them in a methodically organised tailored sheet that contained key data insights. We also shared outputs from previous campaigns, so they knew what to expect from the process. In doing so, we were able to provide the client with a detailed marketing strategy that we knew would generate the greatest ROI, while successfully generating purchases.

Case Study Media

finlay and co - instagram - case study