Solitaire Pets - Come2Play

Solitaire Pets developed by Come2Play, puts a twist on the traditional version of solitaire that you’re used to. In this free to play game, you can join Ace the dog and his furry friends in missions and adventures, while playing your favourite card games!


The aim of the YouTube marketing campaign was to generate installs and interest within the US market, focusing on females aged 35+. As well as this, Solitaire Pets wanted to create engaging and exciting content that focused on micro-influencer. For instance, they wanted to ensure content was authentic and could be naturally integrated into the video, so that the audience would better relate to the game. To this end, they wanted to focus on content verticals surrounding family and blogs.


With a clear strategy in mind, we began to utilise our skills and resources as a leading influencer marketing agency to build the client a sheet that centred on the key deliverables outlines, as well as extra insights we found during our analysis. From this we were able to showcase how we were going to achieve these targets using a data-based approach. In doing so, we were able to produce a YouTube marketing campaign for Solitaire Pets that generated a positive ROI, installs and awareness.

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