Tap Empire


Tap Empire - MeeWow Games

Are you an idle clicker? If so, then Tap Empire is for you. Tap Empire, developed by MeeWow Games, is a free to play mobile game that allows users to undertake different challenges while tapping in order to make money and level up their business.


We partnered with MeeWow Games to manage the YouTube marketing campaign for their new game Tap Empire, which focused on driving installs and ascertaining a scalable ROI. Therefore, as an industry leading influencer marketing agency with a specialist knowledge of the mobile gaming industry, we were brought in as key media partners to help engage the casual gamers of the world.


In order to devise a strategy that would produce great results, we began by liaising with the client about the key deliverables they wanted to achieve, as well as the demographics they wanted to focus on. With this in mind, we then methodically created a tailored sheet for the client consisting of key data insights, content verticals and deliverables, centred around the target demographic established. In doing so, we produced a fully tracked YouTube marketing campaign that produced a scalable ROI and drove installs.